Gardening for Life!

Door to Door

Going Door to Door 

If you want your garden to be accepted by the community, you need to take the time to go door to door to chat with any residents who live within direct line of site of the proposed garden.

Feel a bit nervous about doing that? That's natural! To help you out, we've prepared a sample script to kick off those conversations.

"Hello, my name is ____________ (first name) and this is __________ (first name).  We live here in ______________(name of neighborhood) and we wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity coming to our neighbourhood.  Is this a convenient time?"

If no:

OK, I understand. When would be a better time for us to chat?

If yes:

We're excited to tell you that a group from the neighborhood is getting
together to start a community garden.  We are working with the
______________ (name of neighborhood) community association.


Everyone is welcome to be part of the community garden.  We are hoping it will become a place where people in our neighbourhood like to visit whether they wish to garden or not!


Right now we are consulting community residents to let them
know:_________________________ (Mention what stage you're at in the process, what support you're looking for etc.)


Would you like a copy of some information about the community garden so far? (Hand out fact sheet or flier with meeting date.)


Would you like to be part of getting the garden started or to learn more about it?  We are keeping in touch by ___________________(email / phone / social media/ Internet group / blog / texting).  Here are the details.


Our next meeting is at __________________ (date, time and location).


Thanks for your time. It's been great talking with you!