Gardening for Life!

Describing the Vision

Intention, Spirit and Inspiration:
Describing the Vision the Group has of the Community's Garden


It is important for the residents to discuss and describe how they want the garden to enhance their neighbourhood.  That conversation needs to be a collaborative one carried out by the people who come to the garden, live near the garden, and pass by the space.

Here is an activity that gets residents talking about the kind of community garden they would like to see in the neighbourhood. 

1.    Prepare 5 sheets of paper with one of the following questions on each sheet of paper.

2.    Place one sheet on each of 5 tables.

3.    Invite people attending the public meeting spread out and go to different tables.
4.    For 5 minutes each table group shares their immediate thoughts about the question.  One person at the table records everyone's ideas and suggestions. 

5.    At the end of 5 minutes each person goes to a different table.  Repeat this until each person at the public meeting discusses each question with a different group of people.

6.     In 30 minutesor so,  everyone at the meeting has spoken with everyone else and brought forth  ideas that have been written down and compiled.

7.     Ask for a person to compile the lists of ideas and post them on a section of the community association web pages.  This makes it possible for people who were unable to attend the public meeting to understand the intention and inspiration that is behind this community garden. 


Here are the questions for the discussion tables:

1.     What kind of place do we want this garden to be?
What are the words and phrases do we want to use to talk about  this community garden to others?

2.    What can we do to make all residents feel welcome?

How can we let residents of all ages and gardening experience know about the community garden?  Who can join the community garden?
Will we welcome gardeners from other neighbourhoods if they purchase a community association membership?

3.    What will a community garden do to make our neighbourhood a better place to live?
What are the most important positive benefits to the community?  Are there any negative impacts?

4.    What will gardeners (new and experienced) want to learn?

5.    What can we do to keep the garden going successfully/

6.    What are some guidelines for our community gardens?    

7.    What shall we call the garden?

List some names for the community garden. Ask the group at the public meeting to vote for their favourite.  You can also make naming the community garden a neighbourhood contest.