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Create Support

Meeting -3Encouraging Community Buy-in

Support from your community is an essential part of the garden application that you must submit to The City of Calgary.  Each community garden group needs to provide evidence demonstrating community need for and support for a garden.

At a minimum, you need to obtain:

  • Team of at least 10 volunteers
  • Letter or Board motion from Community Association
  • Letter of Support from your city councillor
  • Survey of Neighbour Support from people facing the proposed site.

 Tips on Hosting a Community Meeting



Commrelations -6Fostering Good Community Relations

Any new or unfamiliar use of land will create both positive and negative reactions from neighbours. The key to alleviating some of the negative reactions is good communications.  Listen carefully, address concerns constructively and be prepared to be flexible.

You can also set your garden up for success by:

  • Going door-to-door to chat with any residents living in direct line of sight of the proposed garden.
  • Designing the garden to include beauty elements that enhance curb appeal.
  • Considerately placing compost piles, portable toilets or recycling in discreet locations.
  • Inviting residents to view and discuss proposed garden layouts at a public open house.
  • Using garden maintenance and compost care strategies that address concerns about tidiness, sanitation and odors.
  • Being willing to explore another garden site if there is intense resistance to the proposed site

Going Door to Door

Describing the Vision