Gardening for Life!

Building an Effective Garden Team

A workshop was held in March 2016.  Particpants were asked to describe the characteristics of an effective Garden Team Member.  Their responses are organized below:

Someone involved with administration needs these characteristics:

  • Takes good notes
  • Computer literate
  • Communication by computer etc., and face to face
  • Dedication/ committed
  • Follow-through
  • Organized
  • Self-starter
  • Looking ahead
  • Be a team player - give & take; idea sharing
  • Respecting everyone's ideas
  • Willing to compromise
  • Non-gardening members (mentoring, governance, philanthropy)
  • Enthusiastic, willingness to share

Someone involved with operations needs these characteristics:

  • handy
  • have tools
  • "green thumbs"
  • Garden knowledge
  • Identify and organize a task list (priority setting)
  • Seasonal schedule
  • Communication face to face
  • Willing to speak to public visitors
  • Be an advocate for gardening

In general, people on the team should have:

  • Ability to describe the garden's culture
  • Orientation for all gardeners (with for example people bingo and name ball throws as mixers and icebreakers
  • Moderated
  • Enthusiasm
  • Willingness to share
  • Modeling values of garden into operations
  • The personal invitation to get people engaged
    • Stimulate conversation by bringing food and having social elements
    • In the garden - chit/ chat on issues
    • Meeting other gardeners and the public
    • Friendly conversation leads to contributions
  • Diversity of people (styles and skills)
    • Find out what people are good at
    • Honour people
    • Types and style of recognition - individualized
  • Identity
  • A sense of belonging.
  • Trust
  • Higher goals  - Research alternatives
  • Clarify accomplishments
  • Ground rules  - guiding behaviors
    • Expectations are important
    • Tradition - a way of doing things.
    • Make traditions
    • Norms - expected behaviors people carry out in the garden
    • Internalize traditions, this leads to successful self-management
    • "everybody" does