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Garden-Wise: Tips from Community Gardeners

Here are helpful bits of information collected from active community gardeners who gathered at the 2013 Information Harvest and the2012-2016 Kitchen Table Talks series.

Both of these events present opportunities for gardeners to talk about what is happening at their location, seek or share advice and form solutions to create a more sustainable garden.

The 2013 Information Harvest was an end-of-growing-season meeting of gardeners hosted by City of Calgary Parks to encourage the sustainability of public community gardens in the next growing season. 


The Kitchen Table Talks is a series of evening small group discussions hosted by the Community Garden Resource Network for gardeners to compare best practices and identify solutions for challenges encountered in sustaining their community garden.  Topics for 2015 included:

  • Funding for the renewal of community gardens (most funding available is for startup of community gardens)
  • Preserving the harvest: storage methods of harvested produce for this climate


Sustainability in this context is the successful endurance of a productive and attractive garden space that is beneficial to the environment and engaging local residents for far into the future.


Because these tips are compiled from actual conversations, there are people and businesses mentioned. By including them here in the notes from the meetings,there is no implied endorsement of any company over others in the same field.


2013-2015 Topics: