Module #2


Yucca Bed Module 2 is a smaller bed that can fill that dry sunny place in a fence corner or become an island in a sea of grass. The sedum with its pink summer flowers and rust-red fall foliage makes a great backdrop to the spiky green leaves and white flowers (in July and August) of the yucca. The low woolly gray-green foliage of pussytoes frames the yucca and adds colour with its dark red flowers in late spring through early summer. Wooly thyme with its creeping grayish-green mat and pink-purple flowers appearing in late spring to early summer creates a fine soft earth covering leading to the other plants.

Colour (flower and foliage) can be found in this bed throughout most of the year. If you prefer more colour, drought hardy annuals may be added between the plants to add colour through their flowers and/or foliage to create the appearance of a more lush bed.


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Plant List:

Yucca          Sedum - 'Autumn Joy'        Pussytoes       Wooly Thyme


Designed by Society Volunteer, Gay Graham