Module #1


Yucca Bed Module 1 has a lot of foliage texture with it becoming truly spectacular in late August and September when most of the plants are in full bloom (white, blue, lavender blue, pink, reddish-purple flowers). The yucca is framed along the back by the tall spires of the Russian sage (silvery-green leaves) and the airier sea lavender (dark green leaves). The low green mat of the poppy mallow brackets the yucca only to highlight it more with its reddish-purple flowers in early summer to early fall. The sides of the bed are lined with the fine silver-grey foliage of the silver mound and the coarser blue-green foliage of lamb's ear with its silver fuzz. The lamb's ears' foliage colour and shape contrasts with both the silver mound and yucca.

This module shows plants in their maximum growth width. If you like a more lush look you can plant them closer together and/or plant drought hardy annuals to add spring and more summer colour. You can utilize this bed as a foundation planting, along a sidewalk or driveway and an island oasis of taller plants in the middle of grass.

Yucca Bed

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Plant List:

Russian Sage       Sea Lavender       Poppy Mallow       Yucca

Lamb's Ear           Silver Mound


Designed by Society Volunteer, Gay Graham