Module #4


If you have a large area for a garden bed, plant in larger numbers for greater effect. The slender green foliage and tall blooming stalks of the iris make a splendid contrast to the prickly purple mass of barberries. The silver of the sage and oat grass will also contrast nicely, and the Karl Foerster grasses rise above all. Plant the daylilies and harebells in swaths to greatest effect - at least seven daylilies and nine or more harebells. Allow the kinnikinnick to spread between the Karl Foerster grasses and eventually into and around the other plantings. Its low, creeping habit will act as a mulch to choke out weeds and conserve moisture in the soil.


Tallgrass 4

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Plant List:

Karl Foerster Grass         Kinnikinnick        Silver King Sage

Iris                                   Barberry              Blue Oat Grass

Day Lily                           Harebells


                                        Designed by Society Volunteer, Marion Harrison