Module #5


This large planting module is meant to be located in a dry sunny place along a fence or the foundation of a house. Variations in the number of plants will give a smaller or larger bed as needed.

Starting in the front of the bed in late spring and early summer are colourful flowering dianthus (maiden pinks) and thyme followed by the light, airy yellow flowered coreopsis (threadleaf tickseed).

The tickseed brackets the taller heliopsis (false sunflower) which becomes the dominant bright colour after the foxtail lilies die down to the ground.

 Foxtail lilies, with their early mass of lily-like green foliage, are spectacular in early summer, drawing the eye with multiple spikes of yellow to burnt orange blooms.

The last bright colour comes from Veronica Red Fox's (spike speedwell's) red flowers mirroring the vertical element of the foxtail lily.

Plants to cool the hot colours are the fine to coarse, silvery foliage of the blue fescue, sea holly 'Blue Diamond', Russian sage 'Blue Spire' and globe thistle, with the last three plants providing blue flowers. Russian sage and globe thistle will anchor the rear of the bed later in the summer with masses of foliage and flower.

This is a bed which will evolve over the season, giving the illusion of being a slightly different planting every month and hence always peaking one's interest.


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Plant List:

 Thymus         Dianthus          Blue Fescue      Veronica Red Fox

  Globe Thistle      Sea Holly     Coreopsis     Heliopsis 

Foxtail Lily           Russian Sage