Perennial Plant of the Year

Introducing the Society's 2017 Perennial Plant of the Year

Persicaria Polymorpha (Giant Fleece Flower)


Giant fleece flower is a spectacular, easy-care and long-blooming perennial. Masses of frothy white flowers cover the vase-shaped plant from June to August, fading to pinky beige in autumn. Leave standing to provide winter interest, then cut stems back in early spring. Attractive to butterflies and birds, but not deer and rabbits. Giant fleece flower is a great plant for the back of the border, screening, waterside plantings, and as a specimen plant.


Persicaria Polymorpha

Common Name: Giant Fleece Flower

Family: Polygonaceae

Zone: Zone 3

Height: 150-200 cm

Spread: 100-125 cm

Exposure: Performs best in partial shade or full sun.

Soil: Performs well in moist soil conditions

Blooms: from early Summer to early Fall

 What is the Perennial Plant of the Year?

A committee of local gardening experts select a special plant each year to celebrate gardening and educate Calgarians about a special bloomer in our area. The decision is based on the following criteria. The winning perennial must be a plant that is:

  • Suitable and reliable for Calgary's growing conditions,
  • Has not been over used,
  • Is readily available in garden centres,
  • Is reasonably affordable to purchase.


2008    Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Rubra' (Pasque Flower)

2009    Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster'   (Feather Reed Grass)

2010    Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' (Jack Frost Siberian Bugloss)

2011    Aruncus dioicus     (Goat's Beard)

2012    Helenium autumnale 'Mardi Gras'   ( Helen's Flower)

2013    Eutrochium maculatum 'Atropurpureum'  (Joe Pye Weed)

2014    Veronica whitleyi

2015    Astrantia major 'Ruby Wedding'

2016    Bergenia cordifolia 'Eroica'

2017    Persicaria polymorpha (Giant Fleece Flower)

2018    Gentiana acaulis (trumpet gentian)