Malus x adstringens

Rosybloom crabapple

Hardy and easy to grow, rosybloom crabapples are small, highly ornamental trees with a dense low-headed canopy. Profuse white, pink, or red flowers are immensely showy in spring and give way to scarlet apples in fall.

Height:5 - 8 m (16 - 26 ft)
Spread:4m (13 ft)
  • Full sun
Colour:Leaf color green, red or purple; flowers white, pink or red
Bloom Time:
  • Early Summer
Plant Type:Tree
Soil Moisture:
  • Average
Fragrance:Fragrant flowers
Card Type:Plant
Photo Credit:Ann Van de Reep
Recommended:'Big River', 'Durleo' (Gladiator), 'Makamic', 'Pink Spire', 'Rosthern', 'Strathmore' (pictured above), 'Spring Snow'

Tolerant of many types of soils, including heavy clay, rosybloom crabapples prefer well-drained loam in part shade to full sun locations.

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