Eggshell Gardening


Supplies: Eggshell halves, small pebbles, potting soil, egg carton, egg dye, seeds for herbs or flowers.

Wash and dry the halves of the egg shells.  Make a pinhole in the bottom of each one for drainage.  If you want coloured shells, dip them in egg dye (same dye you use at Easter to colour eggs) and let dry.

Put the dry shells in the egg carton.  Put a few pebbles in the bottom of each egg shell.  Add potting soil.  Plant 2 or 3 seeds in each shell.  Cover lightly with soil.  Water with a teaspoon.  This is a great way to start plants indoors. (They can be transplanted outside later). 

Don't let the egg cartons get full of water.  You can hang your egg garden with a bit of coloured yarn if you like.

Eggshell Cartons