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Wednesday September 19, 2018


Celebrating our History of Gardening in Calgary, Kath Smyth will take us on a walk through time and the interesting history of the Society over the last 110 years. Our stories are funny and fanciful, as well as inspiring. As members, we are all part of a truly remarkable organization with a strong pedigree. Let's look back to recall past activities and celebrate our many accomplishments. Join us for some time travel!

Kath Smyth

Staff Horticulturist, media personality and self-described "plantaholic".

Thursday June 7, 2018

Friends of the Reader Rock Garden

Recently, the Government of Canada announced that Calgary's ownReader Rock Gardenreceived this prestigious National Historic Designation. 

The Calgary Horticultural Society and Reader Rock Garden have had a long-standing collaborative relationship.  Since this is a milestone year for both, it seems fitting to share with you what makes this special garden so unique.  Let me take you on a visual journey to Reader Rock Garden.  This walk back in time will cover many years: from the Garden's humble beginnings in 1913, to the glory days, its slow demise, re-development and the current honour.  Such a rich history deserves to be revisited and we'll also discuss the noteworthy plant inventory in this three-acre garden.

Diane Dalkin, President of the Friends of Reader Rock Garden Society

Thursday May 3, 2018

Lily Hybridizers of Alberta and Their Lilies, Past and Present

The impact of lily hybridizers in Alberta has been significant.  From mid-20th century, when early breeders such as Robert Erskine and Daniel Dale worked their magic, to now, when hybridizers such as Terry Willoughby, Dr. Ieuan Evans, and Adam Yakabuskie.  Each has earned recognition within the lilium culture, with his own approach to hybridizing and improving the species.  Most even have recognized (registered) lilies to thier name, but even without registration, their achievements are gorgeous.  Come see for yourself!

Dianne Skimming

Alberta Regional Lily Society

Thursday March 1, 2018


A talk in two parts presented by Calgary Rock & Alpine Society

"Adventures with CRAGS"

by Linda Vaxvick

The Calgary Rock and Alpine Garden Society started in the early 1990's, dedicated to studying and celebrating the cultivation of alpine plants, in gardens inspired by the mountains.

Linda will discuss the activities and history of the society, and show why we enjoy this style
of gardening, which is well suited to Calgary's climate.

"Alpine Adaptations"

by Cathy Kurio

Cathy will share information on how to provide alpine plants with the right conditions so they will thrive in your garden. Lots of gorgeous pictures to brighten the snowiest month of the year!

Cathy Kurio & Linda Vaxvick

Calgary Rock and Alpine Society

Thursday February 1, 2018


Adding Roses to Your Garden

Learn about the basics of growing roses in Calgary, including suggestions for easy to grow roses, how to grow tender roses and how to protect your roses in winter.  The talk will also cover rose diseases in Calgary, and show a gallery of roses grown successfully by Calgary Rose Society members.

Jenny Hart




Calgary Rose Society

Thursday November 2, 2017

Garden friends in wild places

This talk looks at species familiar in Calgary gardens (such as tulips, daffodils, peonies) in their natural conditions and considering the implications for their horticultural cultivation.

Most of the plants grown in Calgary gardens are not native to Alberta, or even North America. Instead, they are derived primarily from wild species that occur naturally in Europe and Asia, and to some extent southern Africa.  Some familiarity with these species and their relatives in their natural environments provides insight into their successful garden cultivation and also identifies other species that might be suitable for cultivation.  This presentation will examine many examples of garden friends in wild places and their cultivation in Calgary.

Lawrence Harder,

University of Calgary

Tuesday October 10, 2017


Canyon Meadows Drive - Bee Friendly Boulevard

David Misfeldt will speak on how the project got started, how it was built and all of the construction aspects that helped the seed to germinate.

Jenna Cross will speak on the rationale behind the seed mix design for both the middle boulevard and the pollinator bed ground cover seed mixes.  Also she will speak on how the seeding rate was determined and the reasoning behind the plant selection and the pollinator bed design.

Lincoln Best will speak on the biodiversity of native bees and their enhancement in the City of Calgary.

Co-presented by:

David Misfeldt, City of Calgary Roads-Project Manager

Jenna Cross, The City of Calgary, Parks Ecologist (City-wide Botanist/Restoration Specialist)

Lincoln Best, University of Calgary


Thursday November X, 2018







Member Talks are also listed in our Event Calendar.