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The Calgary Horticultural Society is a charity dedicated to cultivating Calgary's gardening community.  A network of more than 164 community gardens and 4,000 members makes us one of largest and most active gardening organizations.

From our office just off Macleod Trail, our devoted staff works year-round to develop and deliver quality educational programs that help local gardeners meet the challenges of Calgary's unique Zone 3 microclimate.

We offer expert educational speakers and hands-on workshops, host plant shares, arrange garden tours, develop gardening resources such as the ones on this website and nurture a network of more than 164 community gardens through our Community Gardens program.

Each April we bring it all together in a world-class garden show. The compelling mix of high profile speakers, practical hands-on workshops, inspiring container competitions and unique exhibitors regularly attracts more than 6,000 gardeners.


Why we exist:

Carol came to Calgary, as many people do, because of work. Once settled, she started looking for things to do and ways to connect with other people. 

One day, Carol spotted a community garden from the bus on her way home. That fleeting glimpse of a well-tended veggie patch flooded her with longing and fond memories of her Grandma's garden back home. As a child, she often visited and "helped out" by sampling fresh peas in the pod, sweet raspberries and countless other home-grown treats.

Although she was living in a small condo with no yard of her own, Carol felt inspired and determined to try her own hand at gardening, satisfying that nostalgic urge to taste truly fresh-picked produce again. She searched for community gardens in Calgary online and found the Calgary Horticultural Society's website, which informed her that there was indeed a community garden not too far from her condo. She also found that the Society offered a wealth of tips and information on growing vegetables, flowers and trees in Calgary's unique climate. Read More...