2022 Society Calendar—Buy a Copy and Support the Society!

We are excited to announce that we have received the Society’s 2022 calendar … and it’s gorgeous! A new feature in this year’s calendar is the mini views of the previous and following months above the current month. Thank you to Society member Ryan Rainkie for suggesting this addition.

The calendar features beautiful photos taken in Calgary and area gardens by our community of gardeners. It also has gardening tips for growing here and helpful notes for Society members.

Buy a Calendar:

  • only $15 each
  • call the office at 403.287.3469 to purchase your copy
  • pick up a copy from the office (208 50 Avenue SW) or have it mailed for an additional $5
  • buy calendars for family and friends too!

Thank you to everyone who contributed their photos and stories to the project:

Carol Adair, Barb Angel, Rosemary Bennett, Edie Biebert, Laura Chomyn, Cathreen Chow, Michelle Cuncannon, Kathy Dornian, Greg Ecker, Jennifer Ferguson Young, Jeanne Gonnason, Eveline Goodall, Elaine Haggith, Donna Heerensperger, Mavis Igelsrud, Margaret Jarratt, Vasile Klaassen, Heather Knorr,Verena Kuret, Petra Lange, Kathleen Langtry, Judy Lowas, Denyce Lundeen, Deborah Maier, Kathy Matheson, Marilyn Mayall, Marguerite McVicar, Heather Nelson, Sheryl Normandeau, Rebecca Patzelt, Myra Paulson, Michael Plumb, Maria Powell, Robert Scott, Kath Smyth, Deborah Spearing, Donna Swanson, Colleen Tanner, Jean Taylor, Lea Ann Triska, Lindsay Watkinson, and Linda Wilson.

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