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2022 Society Calendar—Contribute!

Having to stay close to home has opened a broad range of gardening and sparked creativity opportunities for many of us. Did you redesign your yard? Did you create a new perennial bed or rejuvenate an old one? Did you add a feature (plant, ornament, or structure) that you’ve always wanted? Did you use repurposed items to create what you needed? Did you start plants from seeds or cuttings since you had the time, or were looking for a challenge? Did you grow your own herbs or food for the first time? 

As part of the 2022 Society calendar project, we would like to see a picture and hear about your gardening story—what worked, what you’ve learned, and what’s been inspiring for you! 

Submit a photo that captures your gardening venture and tell us your story. 

Contributors whose photo or story is used in the calendar will receive a free copy of the calendar. Be part of the 2022 calendar project and share your joy of gardening.

Note: Only one free calendar will be provided to each selected contributor.

Thank you for your interest in participating in our 2022 calendar project. We are no longer able to accept submissions.

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