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 A warm welcome to new community gardeners in

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  • Winston Heights Mount View
  • Radisson Patch
  • Cliff Bungalow
  • Bridgeland-Riverside Rooftop
  • Bridgeland-Riverside Rain Garden
  • Mount Royal University Garden expansion
  • New Urban Development's Public Food Forest
  • Vista Heights Container Food Garden
  • Triwood














Take your soil's temperature before you plant! 


Spinach, lettuce and peas should be in the ground when soils are 2 to 4 C. Beans shouldn't be sown until the soil has warmed up to 15 C (around the end of May).  A soil thermometer is a handy $10 investment helps!


Alberta Agriculture lists the best soil temperature for each kind of food crop germination in
. Take a look!

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