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Members' Talks

The Curious Mason Bees - Kate Murphy
March 26, from 6:30 to 8:30 at Christ Church

An introduction to the life cycle of mason bees, how to raise and overwinter them and the benefits that they bring to your backyard or orchard.

Kate Murphy, a Master Gardener, began gardening in Scotland with her mother and upon emigration continued this interest throughout western Canada and Texas. In the last few years her interest in pollination and the rearing of native mason bees has grown to the point where there are about 250 mason bees inhabiting her beer fridge each winter.


Next Talk: Alpine Gardening  - Cathy Kurio
June 18th, from 6:30 to 8:30, at Christ Church.

Cathy Kurio will present 'That Talk will be held on Alpine Gardening.'



Cathy will take a look at the small world of Aphine plants, their special needs and fabulous features.

March 26 and June 18, 6:30 to 8:30  at Christ Church 3602 - 8 Street SW

Members are free and non-members are always welcome but asked to pay $10 at the door. ** Valid Membership card required.**


Help, We Need to Communicate

We have a lot to say to and share with Calgarians but can't always get our words out in a way that is well understood. Why? because of old technology. 

Our phone system, for example, would make Alexander Graham Bell shudder.We need new phones.

We offer classes in a wide variety of settings now: classrooms, community halls, gardens, garden centres and find the acoustics are not always that great. We could use a sound systems and, now that you mention it, we could also use new projector and lap top or Ipads so we can take our talks wherever we wish.

It is all about money!  We entered this contest. The winner receives $10,000 dollars, which could be applied to our communication needs. The competition closes at the end of March. The winner is the one with the most votes. Voting can be submitted daily until the end of the month.  If you have some time, and like to hear what we have to say about gardening, please vote, vote often, and invite your friends to vote. Who knows we may be calling you in the near future on a new phone!

Thank you!



Upcoming workshops

The What Now? Series Join Horticulturist Kath Smyth as she walks through a year in the life of a garden. She will provide a whistle-stop tour of techniques, tips, tricks and ideas on seasonal tasks so that you will know what to do and when to do it. Six workshops will be held throughout the year providing information to take you where you want to go this gardening year. Sign up for all six and receive one free!  Check it out.

Join us for our regular workshop series that has been designed to fit into every gardener's calendar. Check it out.

 Community Gardens Workshops Series.

Are you thinking of Starting a community gardend or need more information about your currentl community garden. Check out our community garden education offerings. We are hear to help you grow!

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Get ready for spring!

Join us at Spruce Meadows for the 2015 Horticultual Society Garden Show!   April 11th & 12th

Lots to see, do and learn. Free parking and plenty of fresh air. 

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